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Empower Your Security Posture with 365-Degree Monitoring: Swiftly Identify Risks and Breaches to Safeguard Your Digital Environment!

Secure Log Storage

Securely store and manage logs with encryption at rest and in transit, ensuring your data's integrity and confidentiality.

Advanced Visualization

Transform raw data into intuitive dashboards and reports for better insights into your security landscape.

Straight Forward Billing

Our ultra-simple per GB pricing removes the hassle of computing per device / per EPS or log ingestion volume-based pricing.

Compliance Management

Ease the process of meeting regulatory standards with automated compliance reports and real-time monitoring.

Automatic Remediation

Quickly respond to potential threats with automated remediation processes that minimize downtime and risk.

Dynamic Reporting

Generate comprehensive, customizable reports that provide deep insights into security and operational metrics.

Simple Pricing

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